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Learning Specialist and Tutor Referrals

During the process for identifying a ‘best-fit’ learning specialist or tutor we seek to learn about the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of your child. Upon receipt of the Family Questionnaire and Learning Specialist-Tutor Supplemental form, the engagement process begins. Conversations are designed to be informative and comfortable for each family member, and to give us an opportunity to know, appreciate and design your optimal referral solution.


During this initial screening meeting, Mr. Fleming or other Fleming Education Group representative will contact you to review the completed Family Questionnaire and Learning Specialist/Tutor Supplemental form, listen to concerns and assess the scope of the learning support services required.
.5 hours

‘Best fit’ Matching with Learning Support Practitioner

Based on the information gathered in the initial meeting, Fleming Education Group will provide due-diligence and identify a ‘best-fit’ learning support practitioner for your family. You will be matched with your learning support practitioner, who will then contact you for a conversation and arrange for services to begin.
.5 hours

Culminating Follow-up and Feedback Session

Approximately 2-3 weeks after learning support services have begun, a Fleming Education Group representative will contact to follow-up on the experience you and your child are having with your learning support practitioner. This feedback will be integrated into a brief Referral Summary, which will then be provided to both the family and the practitioner.
1.5 hours