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School Placement Advising

During the engagement process we seek to learn about the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of your child. We also want to learn about each parent's and/or guardian’s educational dreams, desires and expectations. Upon receipt of the family questionnaire and school criteria checklist, the engagement process begins. Conversations are designed to be informative and comfortable for each family member, and to give us an opportunity to know, appreciate and design your unique school-choice solution.


During the initial engagement meeting, Mr. Fleming or a member of our team will meet with both parents and/or guardians to review the completed Family Questionnaire, listen to concerns and assess the scope of the school-choice advising services required.
1-1.5 hours


If necessary, these meetings are held individually with each parent and/or guardian in a relaxed, private setting. The goal of these individual meetings is to fully understand all perspectives that will ultimately help to shape and inform the best child-centered decision and outcome.
45 minutes per meeting

Culminating Meeting

In this culminating meeting, Mr. Fleming or a member of the FEG Team will provide both a written and verbal Summary of the assessment, findings and recommendations. The Summary Report will describe in detail the collateral conversations and research that was conducted on behalf of the family and child, and provide rationale for the school-placement decision along with several recommendations and resources for each parent and/or guardian to review. Ultimately, the Summary is intended to empower parents and guardians as they seek to optimally leverage their child’s school experience.
1 hour