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VIP “Best-Fit” School-Placement Solutions

As prospective employees prepare for their transition to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul and surrounding areas, there is much to contemplate in identifying a “best-fit” school for their student(s). Perhaps even more critical than locating the right home or neighborhood community, finding the right school placement is key to a child’s success and future.

At Fleming Education Group (FEG), we commit to knowing and partnering with families who find themselves in the complex maze of school-placement and relocation challenges. At the heart of our philosophy lies the core belief that the best interests of a child matters most. When children are thriving in school parents and guardians worry less and are able to dedicate more focused attention to the other dimensions of their lives.

What We Provide:

  • Family Questionnaire, School-choice Checklist and Intake Conversation
  • School Records and Application Review
  • School Issue Identification
  • Twin Cities Educational Landscape Profile
  • Curriculum Comparison
  • Personalized “Best-fit” School Targeting
  • Interview Preparation (Private and Independent School Search)
  • Education and Special Programming Consultation
  • Summary Report and School-placement Recommendation

The VIP School Solution Process

During the VIP school solution process our aim is to identify 2-3 school options that are within an 18-mile radius of the recruiting company and/or your family’s new Minnesota residence. Our process is designed to discover your child’s unique learning profile, passions and interests. Upon receipt of the completed family questionnaire and school-criteria checklist, the engagement process begins. Conversations are designed to be informative and relaxed, and to give us an opportunity design your custom school-choice solution.

Initial Consult

During the initial consult, a FEG representative will speak with one or both parents and/or guardians to review the completed Family Questionnaire, and assess the scope of the school-choice advising services required.

Welcome to the Twin Cities!

During your visits to the Twin Cities, a FEG representative will meet with one or both parents and/or guardians to discuss the Twin Cities Educational Landscape Profile and Curriculum Comparison, and review our preliminary recommendations for your school-choice selections. If needed, a FEG representative will serve as a liaison between you and the school to help coordinate school tours and conversations with key school personnel.

Summary Report and School-placement Recommendation

Shortly after your visit to the Twin Cities, Fleming Education Group will provide a final Summary Report and School-placement Recommendation. This Summary Report will describe in detail the collateral conversations and research that was conducted on behalf of the family and child, and provide rationale for the school-placement decision along with several recommendations and resources for each parent and/or guardian to review. Ultimately, the Summary Report is intended to empower parents and guardians as they seek to optimally leverage their child’s new school experience.